City Debates Publication

City Debates is a yearly conference organized by the Masters in Urban Planning & Policy and Masters in Urban Design Programs at the American University of Beirut. It brings together professionals, academics, and students from Beirut and beyond to explore issues of contemporary relevance to the urbanization of the region. The series aims to document, analyze, and compare emerging practices that are transforming the cities and regions of the Middle-East.

In 2005, Rima and I were tasked with designing the first publication of the lecture series proceedings. Our approach was to build on the visual approach started with the poster design by cropping out elements from it as well as creating a cover element that can carry through for future publications, in this case the green wrap around label on the cover.

Publication Design: Rima Abou Chakra and Mary Choueiter, Poster Design: Lara Captan and Nadine Kobayter.

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