All Photography Credit: Mary Burge

Enlarged To Show Detail

This set of colorful installations is an evolving study of pattern, scale, order and disorder, and interplays between physical and digital processes.

The work began with hundreds of dots punched from Orbit Gum packages that were enlarged and arranged in patterns both random and highly purposeful. Once a set of principles and visual language were established, the project grew to an exploration of these patterns in different physical spaces, in anaglyph prints as rendered imagery, within projected and 3D virtual environments, and as textures to produce sound.

The first installation of Enlarged to Show Detail uses 500 dots (4mm in diameter) punched from Orbit Gum packages enlarged and reprinted to a diameter of 4 inches. The dots are rearranged on the floor based on a computer-generated pattern.

The second installation of Enlarged to Show Detail uses 720 dots to create color fields projected in the space of the Brown University CAVE 3-D virtual space and a features series of 3 anaglyph prints.

Anaglyph prints were created with dot patterns in rendered space.

The use of the music box was also envisioned as pattern making, using type as textures of dots that go through the machine and create sounds. The text came from marketing copy of the Orbit Gum packages.

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